About Us

We're 2 Exes (ex-wife and ex-husband) who decided to combine their divine creative gifts and abilities, with one being a multitalented artist with regards to painting, sketches, tattoos, etc. and the other being an author, writer, poet as well as a motivational speaker, to provide stylish, affordable, quality clothing. With the sole intention of inspiring others to recognize their own greatness and divinity upon putting the clothing on and looking in the mirror through authenticity, Faith, and the acceptance of one's soul-print (that unique individualization of the Universal Creator that shines through as us). As mentioned, we want to be able to show and inspire our daughter as well as others that our wings were meant to be spread for the wind to catch to lift us to higher heights and fly. So, we stopped speaking and thinking like penguins and ostriches who were never meant to see above the clouds discarding our masks and embracing our eagle like nature by making the leap with One Act Apparel.

Jeremy Sullivan            Janee Alexander